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darkfleamarket's Journal

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Dark Flea Market
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All Members , Moderated
Community Goal:
This is a community by and for people of a Goth, Industrial, Cyber, and/or Steampunk nature or people who just like that kind of thing. This community provides a place where like-minded people can buy and sell stuff, either through directly or online auction or store.

Community Guidleines.
1. Keep your posts reasonable in size and length. Cut tags are not required. The key word here is reasonable. You are trying to sell something to your friends, don't abuse your friends.

2. Private sellers can use this community to sell anything that is 'on topic' As the definition of 'on topic' for this community is really quite broad, your discretion is requested. If you honestly think that one other person in this community would be interested in what you are trying to sell, then you can post it. However, don't spam us with junk.

3. Before posting an advertisement for a Store or Online Shop, you must read the community guidelines. Ads for stores must post at least one picture of at least one item that would be of interest to shoppers who use this community. As stated above, the definition of 'on topic' is quite broad. However, if you are promoting your latest line of pastel disco wear or Rolex watches, you should probably look to promote elsewhere. If that item is not apparent, the post will be deleted without warning. If you feel that the deletion was unwarranted, you may email me with an explanation of how you feel the ad you posted was on-topic for this community. A second posting of the same advertisement will result in your being banned.

4. Private sales ads should be limited to once a week.

5. Auctions may be posted THREE TIMES. Once at the beginning of the auction, once at mid-auction and once near the end of the auction.

6. Try to limit store ads to ONCE A WEEK, unless you are having a limited duration sale.

7. If you are looking to buy something that is on topic for this community, go ahead and post it. The same rules apply.

8. This community is here to help people get things out of their hands and into other people's hands. It is a privilege to post here, not a right. DO NOT ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE. Admittedly, there are loopholes in these guidelines you can drive a truck through. As mentioned before, we are all friends here. Don't abuse your friends. ABUSERS MAY BE BANNED AT THE DISCRETION OF THE MODERATOR.

9. Having said all this, I will not be monitoring every single post to the community. I will act only if I notice abuse. At my discretion. I have a life and don't want to sit here being community cop.


Please don't rip each other off!
Caveat emptor.
Caveat venditor
Buyer and seller beware. Darkfleamarket is not responsible for anything that is bought or sold here. We are not and will not be involved in any problem resolution.

Sound fair?

Your moderator in this community is theonebob 

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